A new and unique horror game involving... doors. ❗❗ We recommend entering without any help or guide; use each death as a lesson.



Ambush is a deadly entity in doors appearing in the Hotel.


Rush flickers the lights as a warning before speeding through multiple rooms and disappearing when it hits an unopened door.


Seek is a major hostile entity in DOORS, and the secondary antagonist of the Hotel .


Figure is the main hostile entity in DOORS and the main antagonist of the Hotel. Figure appears in The Library and The Electrical Room.


Screech is a hostile entity in DOORS that originates in the Hotel, and is always present in dark rooms and The Greenhouse. It is a belligerent entity that will bite players if they don’t look at it after its “psst!” sound is displayed.


Jefftholomew Von Tentickle,[2] or simply known as Jeff, is a friendly entity that resides in the Hotel at Door 52.


Bob Skellyfriend[1], or simply Bob, is a minor entity that can be found at Jeff’s Shop in the Hotel, sitting next to El Goblino.


Jack is a minor entity in DOORS, residing in the Hotel. Its main purpose is to frighten players, as it does no damage.


Window, also referred to as its filename Sally, is a minor entity in DOORS, residing in the Hotel and the Lobby.

el goblino

El Goblino Peque Carmine IV[1], or simply El Goblino, is a docile and talkative entity that can only appear at Jeff Shop in the Hotel.


Halt is a supporting hostile entity in DOORS, appearing in the Hotel. The room it inhabits will always be a long, narrow hallway known as ‘The Halt Hallway’.


Eyes are a supporting hostile entity in DOORS, appearing in the HotelEyes has a chance to spawn once the player opens the door to a new room; however, Eyes will spawn more often in The Greenhouse, and in Super Hard Mode.


Timothy is a minor entity in DOORS, spawning in containers in the Hotel.


The banana peel is an April fools prank, it is usually found in the room with Jeff The Killer.

fake key

This key does not have a number for the door, but leads to a door with dupe.


Dupe is a supporting hostile entity of DOORS, appearing in the Hotel, and appears in rooms with two or more numbered doors, typically in larger rooms.


Glitch is a pivotal and mysterious entity in DOORS, residing in the Hotel and The Rooms. It acts as a failsafe for players when a room fails to generate correctly, or if a player gets glitched outside of the map, and formerly teleported players back to their group in a multiplayer run; this role has been given to Void.


Guiding Light is a helpful and friendly entity in DOORS, first appearing in the Hotel. The main purpose of it is to assist the player/s by emitting a blue aura in certain areas, as well as providing helpful tips upon the player’s death.


Hide is a miscellaneous hostile entity, residing in every hiding spot that can be found (closets and beds) in the Hotel. Its main purpose is to kick out players who hide in a hiding spot for too long in order to encourage progression.


Shadow is a minor entity in DOORS, appearing when the player enters a new room in the Hotel. It is one of the rarest entities that can be encountered in the Hotel.

jeff the killer

Jeff the killer is in the April fools event. it is commonly found in rooms 20 and higher.



It is an entity that usualy spawns in room A-60 .


A-90 usualy spawns in room A-90 first it transforms into a stop sign if you move he will give you a jumpscare.